Disaster Recovery

We’ve heard on the grapevine that hundreds of businesses actually fail each year thanks to unplanned disruptions that their disaster recovery solutions just aren’t prepared for. Make sure you aren’t one of them by preparing a robust disaster recovery plan…or better still, have us do it for you! Whether it’s a short-term issue such as a power outage, or something longer term like flooding or bad weather, we can ensure that you’re prepared – and ‘the powers of the cloud’ mean that plans can be actioned from anywhere in an instant, ensuring that business continues as normal nice and seamlessly.

As well as providing you with a disaster recovery solution, we’ll also work with you on the connectivity side of things – and on choosing the right solutions in the first place, both further minimising the risk of anything bad ever happening.

CRM Integration

Whichever CRM platform it is that you use (Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics…the list goes on), our solutions should be able to integrate whether through a standard process or our brilliant range of APIs. Benefits of this include:


Security and availability

We take the safety of our customer’s data incredibly seriously. If we could, we’d have it in a maze guarded by wolves and dragons and all manner of scary creatures! That’s essentially the level of security that what we’ve got, in a far cleverer way; our (and our partner’s) comprehensive security framework cover physical, network, platform, data, application and human security in all manner of clever ways.


Availability wise, our own robust disaster recovery procedures along with strict SLAs ensure that you will always be up and running. Everything is monitored continuously and around the clock, so we (you) are never left vulnerable.


The nature of our solutions means they’re suitable for organisations of all sizes, from tens to thousands of users. Thanks to not having to buy and install expensive hardware, the cost isn’t inhibitive and nor is the functionality – if anything, there’s more functionality as standard than you need!

For enterprise level businesses, the economies of scale to be gained from implementing these solutions are huge. Thanks to their multi-channel nature, and all of the integration options available you can dramatically streamline your operations, making your life much easier as well as your agents’ and customers’ in turn. Put simply, whoever you are our solutions truly will work for you – and not just work, but deliver exceptional results!

Again linking back to the lack of hardware piece, scaling up your operations as required is ridiculously quick and easy. We’re forever hearing about companies waiting weeks for these sorts of changes to be made by their providers, and quite frankly it frustrates us. It doesn’t need to, and shouldn’t be so difficult!

Make changes in minutes by doing things the Unify way. And this doesn’t just apply to scaling up – a decrease in requirement can also be allowed for as part of your setup – so you’ll always be able to rest assured, knowing that you’re only paying for what you need (another big difference between us and some of the more traditional guys).