Bullet proof connectivity

In recent years, we’ve seen countless changes in the way businesses operate that put pressure on an organisation’s connectivity – and moving your communications to the cloud is only going to add to this further.

Luckily, we don’t just sell solutions – and we don’t sell anything that we know isn’t going to work. When it comes to our project evaluation process we work from the ground up, starting with looking at your network. We work with customers to understand their existing setup, design and build a solution and a service that doesn’t just meet their current or impending needs, but safeguards them for the future. Scalability, reliability and performance are absolutely key.

We are fortunate enough to be best friends with the UK’s leading carriers and service providers, allowing us to offer tailored connectivity solutions as part of our service. Solutions that we know and trust, and that we can guarantee will dramatically improve the performance of your network and prepare you for whatever the future holds.

Implementation, training and expert insight

The organisations we’ve helped so far all rave about our professional services, and we’re very proud of it too. Whether it’s providing evaluations, advice and recommendations at the start of a process, project management and implementation assistance during or training and ongoing support at the end, we work hard to help our customers every step of the way. We’ll even recommend the combination of professional services that you’re going to need in the first place!

The best support

It just wouldn’t make sense not to back up the best solutions with a matching standard of support. Our dedicated and friendly team of unified communications specialists are on hand as much as you need, ensuring that your business and your reputation are always being taken care of – no matter what each day brings. While the solutions we provide are offered globally, CloudWave’s Australian based team provide a very personal level of service to each and every customer; we know that it’s crucial to a good working relationship, and for giving you complete peace of mind.

Marketing consulting and lead generation services

CloudWave Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy Planning
Development of a strategic 12-24 month marketing plan:
– Alignment of marketing priorities to business priorities
– Summary of market opportunity (leveraging available internal
& publicly available data- additional data may be available
at cost)
– Competitive analysis including market share, Porter’s 5 forces
– Outline of customer segmentation strategy
– Outline of routes to market (RTM) strategy
– Outline of channel strategy
– Identification of marketing execution & program plan
including high level budget plan

Marketing Execution Planning
Development of a detailed & budgeted execution schedule:
• Calendar of key tactics & programs
• KPI & ROI metrics agreed
• Estimated budget & potential agency alignment
• Includes regular WIP review of in progress execution if required


Messaging and Value Proposition
Development or refinement of organisation or product/ service value
proposition and unique differentiator. This includes:
• Clarification and profiling of key customer segments’ needs &
• Identification of key competitors including indirect alternatives
(do nothing & substitutes
• Documentation of the true unique differentiator – why do your
customers choose your product or service? Why do they not?
Rapid Pipe SWOT campaign
Campaigns deployed rapidly with a direct aim to urgently fill pipeline
coverage gaps. Ideally targeting 6 + months ahead to ensure optimum
• Defined accounts / audience of existing or prospect customers
targeted with a bespoke, high touch campaign over 30 days to
identify as much pipeline as possible. Execution touches can
o Email with key messages to target contacts
o Landing page with gated content: 1) high value content
asset 2) Customer stories – both text & video formats
o Supporting asset & message coverage targeted to
contacts via social & digital where available
o Tele with offer to qualified prospects (deal size appropriate
investment- ie family movie night, dinner voucher, coffee
voucher, merchandise etc)
o Business development by a senior ‘representative’ to help
identify BANT stats & create warm handover to sales staff