Speech analytics

Only 1% of calls are listened to in a random quality assurance evaluation process…what insight can you gain from the other 99%?

Each and every customer interaction is significant, with regards to both what they say and what your agents say to them. Between them, these exchanges will provide valuable insight into a number of key areas – but the degree of insight you get is going to be limited if you’re only looking at 1%. Wouldn’t it be great if all of this could be monitored, and you could be gaining insight 100% of the time? You can probably see where we’re going with this…

Knock your customers’ socks off!

Utilise our solution to monitor calls made in a wide range of languages, have every discussion automatically analysed – focusing on what you think is important – and gain hugely valuable insights that’ll allow you to really take things to the next level. Resolve any issues that arise quickly and easily, and continually develop your service in a way that impresses your customers no end.