Cut costs, gain features

Satisfy all of your fixed and mobile telephony requirements by employing our business phone system. Complete with lots of clever features including call recording, auto attendant call routing, sequential ringing and call forwarding, it’ll do so much for your business – and has a very attractive price tag.

Why should I go hosted?

There’s such a long list of reasons why, in today’s environment, a web-based business phone system is the way to go. Lower costs, an ‘on-demand’ service that’s quickly scalable, flexible working and business continuity features – the list goes on. And on. And on!

One of the most common concerns people have is around voice quality, but through an on-site demonstration or free trial it’s easy for us to demonstrate that with Horizon, it’s flawless.

Super-charge your business phone system

Do you want to integrate your business phone system with your CRM? Would you like to have access to advanced real-time management reporting information at the click of a button? Increase the power of your new solution even further by adding some of these inexpensive but highly beneficial features.

Introducing CIRCUIT