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Our Services

Cloud Contact Centre

We lead with the best in class global cloud contact centre from Serenova. Boasting customers such as, Uber, Symantec and many other mission critical government and banking and finance clients this product is a full generation infront of all competition – multichannel, true cloud scaleability, native CRM integration and compete tailoring ability via REST API calls this platform is bulletproof with the nearest local instance in AWS SYDNEY, Australia

Cloud Audio and screen recording

Utilising ZOOM, Teliopti, Verint technologies we can build a professional studio quality cloud audio and visual recording solution integrated into your existing or new voice or contact centre environment allowing easy to navigate and on call PCI compliant retreieval of call and screen records.

Cloud Analytics and Work Force Management

Analytics and Work force management are the natural progression and accompaniment for any enterprise grade contact centre. CloudWave are at the forefront of all latest technologies including real time speech and sentiment analytics allowing routing to specific agents based on the voice pattern or emotion a client dialing in may be expressing. In the past, Work force management was an expensive addition to only the larger number of staff environments howver we have changed that with new innovative products designed for both large and small contact centres alike – with commercials that are appropriate to each.

Cloud voice, video, collaboration

12 months in the making, the CloudWave Titan platform is more than just voice, video and chat over the cloud.. It is a fully integrated unified communications, document storage and collaboration tool. Based on the rock solid Siemens ( UNIFY) Technology, the User interface is purpose built to mirror human conversational behavior offering truly unique and rich, futuristic experience. The API is based on industry standard which means complete integration into third party storage such as Google drive or DropBox is very real. Please see this for more detail.

Cloud Security

Built from the ground up, Zscaler’s multi-tenant cloud architecture lets customers enjoy elastic scale while maintaining security and data privacy. Zscaler was built on several foundational observations, including the fact that business and personal applications had begun moving to the cloud, Web 2.0 was leading to the evolution of web-based apps, and that the adoption of mobility meant that users could be working from anywhere. Hardware based technologies simply cannot keep up nor scale to manage todays evolving threats hence CloudWave went all in on Zscaler technology and now offer this 0 day protection to many major tier one enterprises based here and abroad

Cloud Business Intelligence

Connect every department across your organization through a network of analytics in the cloud, for trusted insights and smarter business decisions. What if, instead of data silos, everyone had access to a single networked view of data?. CloudWave partners with BIRST the hottest new product and leading Gartner top right quadrant monster in this space to deliver all manner of business improvement savings potentially millions of dollars in areas such as customer retention, supply chain, business development and the list goes on and on. You need someone who knows how to decipher this world and ask the right questions of the data in order to get the answers you need.

WHY CloudWave?

Culture of Service Excellence

CloudWave is yet to lose an account due to a “service takes priority” mandate that ripples right throughout the organization and is a prerequisite for personalities hired into our business

Experience and proven success

CloudWave may only be 4 years old yet has won over and maintained some of the largest and most wel recognized brands in the world. Perhaps due to the board and exec management staff holding hundreds of years combined in information technology specifically relating to networking, Telco, unified communications, contact centre and security

Deep pool of technical engineers

CloudWave boasts a wide range of highly skilled engineers covering all facets of the cloud world. We look for practitioners versus just paper certifications alone, again all underpinned with service at the core of their being

Best of breed Cloud Vendor Partnerships

We focus on only the most highly functional, easy to use yet battle hardened cloud vendor platforms to augment our own infrastructure investment and provide a powerful portfolio offering to the market

Uncompromising DR, reliability and resiliency

CloudWave bring all of the flexibility and benefits of the cloud world underpinned with the rigid stability and best practice design of the old world on premise model. Learning from the past yet imagineering for the future

24/7 follow the sun support model

We don’t judge ourselves on how dynamic and innovative our solutions are, we judge ourselves on how we react in the event of any disasters. No finger pointing. Complete ownership and focus until problem resolution

Customer references

Bernard – IT manager

CloudWave are an essential part of our day to day services and have been invaluable in cutting costs whilst greatly improving our user experience

Andre – Senior project manager

CloudWave has streamlined what was a very complex process and exorbitantly costly application support mechanism

Kayla – Contact Centre manager

CloudWave was faultless from a design, implementation and now ongoing support for our key customer facing contact centre. I was surprised that the cloud could deliver us this solution

Andrew – CEO

We have saved 40% in telco costs and have never dealt with such a friendly, easy to do business with organisation as CLoudWave


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